Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Quora: What is your opinion with Trump saying the US is not going to do business with Huawei, not ready to make a trade deal with China?

Lance Chambers, Been involved in US politics since Kennedy assassination.Updated

I think trump is full of s**t.

Trump bans android updates going to Huawei. He bans the sales of integrated circuits to China. Then the G20 happens and a few days later he reverse everything and says Android can go to Huawei and ICs can be sold to China.

Now he’s changed it again. The orange cheeto probably is incapable of wiping his own ‘arse’ (English spelling of ass).

China has stopped even talking to trump and/or his ‘negotiating team/s’. There is no point as he’s incapable of making any deal that’s worth anything. I suspect that he just keep flapping his gums so that his fans know he’s still breathing.

Trump saying he’s not going to make a deal is because he can’t get anyone in China to talk to him.

Anyway, China keeps on exporting more to the US every month and America exports less every month to China as the Chinese don’t buy American products since the start of the Trade War. China also continues to increase sales to the rest of the world.

Here’s the thing:

I’ve posted the following before but I think it needs to be read by a few more Americans.

Chinas GDP - 14.17 trillion US$ - World GDP Ranking 2019

Chinas exports to the US - 0.54 trillion $US - U.S. Trade with China

**Chinas trade with the US comprises 3.8% of Chinese GDP**.

If, when you were a kid, your parents held back 38 cents for every $10 you were given as your allowance would it have made a dent in your spending? Nope, it would not.

Same for China. The US market isn’t that important.

America is failing to manage trade with any nation that isn’t scared of the US and fewer and fewer are, today, scared of the US.

What I do believe is that trump is doing the right thing for Trump and for Putin.

Who believes that Putin cares for and supports America and Americans? We all know he hates the US and always has. He’s ex-KGB for Gods sake.

So why would he spend all that time and money to get trump into the WH? He did it because he had found a man he knew would trash the USA. He’s already doing the same as I write this as he and his cronies have already starting hacking in the US again in preparation for 2024.

If trump does get back in I will have to agree that Russia is far far more competent at hacking the US than the US is at stopping him and a hell of a lot smarter as well. It will also reinforce my utter contempt for the US government today with dump in the WH.

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