Saturday, October 19, 2019

WOTC - Why did Dyson decide to stop the electric car project?

Wisdom of the Crowd: The participants in this survey did not provide any clear guess of the reason why Dyson decided to stop its project to produce electric cars in Singapore. They were confused due to the lack of transparency from Dyson and the Singapore govt.

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Anonymous said...

Investigative journalism by overseas media had already discovered that Dyson didn't do much in developing its electric car division. It didn't even have a working prototype after at least 2 years of so-called R&D, let alone a model that can be mass produced. The bottomline is that Dyson was out of its depth in attempting to get into automobiles. At the very most it would have been another Tesla which has been a huge money-losing business since day 1. Dyson probably saw the writing on the wall & pulled the plug, but not before milking the maximum publicity out of it first. Basically a 2 billion pounds marketing campaign. Unfortunately S'pore fell for it.

Anonymous said...

Dunno have son or not,wait son dye.

raju said...

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