Tuesday, March 07, 2023

A poem to support Lee Hsien Yang

Lee Hsien Yang, a name so well known,
A leader of Singapore, now he's shown,
That he is frugal, humble, and wise,
Down to earth, and affable in our eyes.
His presence brings a sense of calm,
A leader who's down to earth, with no qualm,
The people feel heard, and their voice is clear,
His leadership style is one to revere.
Frugal in his ways, he spends with care,
Ensuring the country's finances are fair,
His policies aim to uplift the weak,
And bring prosperity to those who seek.
Humble in his approach, he's not one to boast,
A leader who listens, and values the most,
The voices of the people, who he serves,
With his heart and soul, he never swerves.
Down to earth, he's a man of the people,
A leader who's relatable, never feeble,
He walks the streets with grace and poise,
And connects with the masses, with no noise.
Affable, his nature, is warm and kind,
A leader who's approachable, with a clear mind,
He understands the people's joys and fears,
And works to bring solutions that endears.
Lee Hsien Yang, a leader we admire,
A president who's values we aspire,
Frugal, humble, down to earth, and affable,
A leader who's approach is nothing but admirable.
With help from ChatGPT


Anonymous said...

A deeply moving poem shared by an inveterate.

Anonymous said...

How can you say such things about tan kin lian? He is a legend....in his own mind

Anonymous said...

Costs tricks?
Kleenex tissues whilst packaging, materials and coloring remains unchanged, the price has increased by circa 20%. Product size has been reduced by circa 20%? So funny.

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