Monday, May 22, 2023

Why are scammers active in Singapore


Anonymous said...

But wait: off course we want to protect our fellow humans and ourselves. Three easy questions;

1. excessive dependence on technology?

2. only took the trouble to rectify if there is more money to fill coffers?

3. they can only baby-proof their loss: everyone else's loss is at their own risk?

As absurd as it sounds; most can identify a minimum of two scenarios of the above?

Anonymous said...

Reasons why people do not feel protected here?
All homes have iron front door grills for HDB.
All condos have security guards.
All landed homes have gates and iron fences. Some even to the extent of Gurkhas guard.
S'pore is considered one of the safe countries????

Whenever we went to stay with relatives in Western countries, none of the homes have all these, yet they have a feeling of being protected. There was only the installation of CCTV and motion sensors or burglar alarms around their land. Yet these securities are only for those who can afford them.

In urban city areas, high rise is mostly intercoms or card excess tapping.


Anonymous said...

Be aware of people who overestimate their knowledge.

Be sceptical of predictions, especially not from so called experts.

This way, you have a chance of judging the situation realistically.

Anonymous said...

Billionaires with little education have been seen with great results..

Walt Disney-Dropped out of school at 16 and with his creativity with cartoons founded Walt Disney which has an annual value of US$30 billion.

PAP- Mostly highly educated founded the GST Company with an annual value of $ow much.

Simon Cowell- Dropped out of school at 16.

Bill Gates- Dropped out of university. Founded Microsoft with a nett worth of nearly US$100 billion.

PAP- Founded Singapore Reserves Unknown. Not 1MDB.

Richard Branson- Dropped out of school at 16. Founded Virgin.

PAP- Founded the world's most expensive cars and properties.

Rapper J-Z- Never graduated from high school. Worth US$1 billion.

PAP- Founded the world's costliest ministers.

The richest man in the world is Elon Musk worth US$200 Billion.

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