Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Presidential tips for young people

I am standing for the presidential election in 2023. Here are my presidential tips for young people.


Anonymous said...

Most would assume that SG is quite a safe place to live.

We are in our mid-twenties and still living with our parents.

Hanging out at home is out of the question.

During weekends while hanging out or clubbing, our mothers would text us non-stop if not home by midnight.

Daughters faced even worst stand-off with their fathers.

Anonymous said...

Being a parent is not just about giving birth to life. It takes up all your time, space finance, energy and strength.

Leaders are valuable when they add value to their people!

Anonymous said...

In many countries, there is either a Prime Minister/King, or President.
In Singapore, there are both.

Anonymous said...

I think what is not surprising is that PM Lee's speech was the same tune with different words.

We can fathom that Covid has exasperated the situation with the scarcity and time wasted wait

wait and still waiting for BTOS. Convenient scapegoat for Covid. If the highly paid

worthless managers had anticipated far-sighted proactiveness in housing, the people would

not have suffered all the consequences due to their incompetent masters. And when problems

arise, the remedy was top-up more rules to suck the people. When one kept crying wolf, and

there is a real wolf, what happens. Damage control is better than no control.

" It is always good when followers believe in their leaders, but it is even better when leaders believe in their followers" Mardy

" Judge a leader by his questions, not by his answers" Morrie.

7 meaningful years wasted 2 Covid plus 5 waiting for BTO.

PAP end is near! People have had enough of never wrong philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Ng Kok Song is a Fraternal of Tan Cheng Bock.

Anonymous said...

pls dun play .. go sleep

Anonymous said...

Tan Kin Lian will lose his deposit.

His supporters are gangsters.

SG cannot afford Gangster President.

Anonymous said...

My team of 11.

Tharman-5 votes. Prefer familiarity. Better the devil you know than not.

Kok Soon-3 votes. Prefer someone not doing the same thing with the same results. Worked for the government but did not belong to them.

Kin Lian-1 vote. Will anyhow death pardon during Presidential appeal. Might leak out state secrets to the extremists who are pulling his strings from behind?


Verdit-Tharman will only win by a small margin.

Anonymous said...

Idiom by Sybil Lau———————— Better be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.

Women whose husbands left them for younger girls will not vote for Ng Kok Song—————————Revenge votes.

Anonymous said...

I will still vote for NKS. What you see is what you get. Unpretentious, who didn't hold back on his looks by dying his hair or getting fillers. Same age as TKL but looks much older. He did unleash his young dressing though.

Anonymous said...

It is everybody's right who they want to vote for. No need to create a wedge among the people. If do not like TKL, just get out of here.

Anonymous said...

Kept saying they needed financial literacy for the presidency.

Halimah is law.

Desmond Lee is not an architect for MND

Ong Ye Kung is not a doctor.

So on and so forth

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

My parents said that they would vote for Tan Kin Lian b'cos Ng Kok Song is Ho Ching endorsed

Dun know where they got this kind of news from b'cos they are dialect-speaking and dun even own a computer.

Surprisingly being the Merdekas they are getting all this money from the government so why are they so anti is beyond understanding.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We voted for PM Lee's Ripened-Pineapple[菠萝🍍] colored shirt. Thanks for the advertisement.

Anonymous said...

Are we confident that when the President and the Foreign Minister visit China, people will know where Singapore is??? A good Chinese interpreter???

Anonymous said...

Be wary of overly nice people. Not our late LKY.

Do a double take on those who are too nice and overly polite.

Those who were overly polite were more likely to betray the other players later in the game? Not our LKY.

Studies suggest that more trust in those who are slightly ruder and lack smiles. That is our late LKY.

Anonymous said...

I heard some people were voting for Kok Song till they saw a Serial Number behind their voting slips.

Anonymous said...

Is Larva Menon taking over Tharmans place?

Anonymous said...

My parents and grandparents are semi-illiterate. My parents have old nokia phones where the only function they knew was how to press selected buttons towards family members and 999. My maternal and paternal grandparents do not even have a phone. They did not even know how to pronounce the candidate's name and referred to the only one they knew as 'cheng hu keh leng' whom they voted. I also know that their neighbor's minority races all voted for the 'cheng hu keh leng' unless they lied.

I'm motivated by creating a level playing field for the world so that the weak have a chance. - Author: Iqbal Quadir

Anonymous said...

No bias here but when I heard this, I thought I had heard it all.

Those obsessive Tharman supporters had been using the strategy of reverse psychology by going around telling people that Tan Kin Lian was going to win. Those who were going to apply opposing votes against the PAP started having cold feet by playing safe and voting for Tharman. No lah not true. Sounded that some people made this up.

Anonymous said...

Some Indians in Singapore shared the message below to their friends in India*(The President is Indian)

🌱Come to Singapore, our Indian compatriots!

Do you know that under CECA, it is easier to find a job in Singapore than in India?

All you need is a diploma or degree from a respectable-sounding school, real or fake doesn’t matter! The companies in Singapore don't bother to check if your credentials are fake anyway!

While your certificates may not be accepted by the Indian government and reputable companies in India, you will be surprised how easily they are accepted in Singapore so long as you find the right HR and company. Even Piyush Gupta, the CEO of DBS Bank, South East Asia's largest bank, is Indian and from our motherland, and many others too! What’s more, you can bring your spouses and dependents to find work in Singapore too! Where else can you find such a good deal in the world?

You can earn more than 10 times in Singapore than in India!
There are many stalls and restaurants selling our cuisine that you won’t miss the foods from our home!

Singapore is a very safe country because it has an army protecting us from any potential external aggressors so we can focus on making money. Unlike India, it does not have a terrorist state like Pakistan as its neighbors! In India, we may get drafted into the army to be sent to the frontiers. It is the other way round in Singapore - the locals need to serve National Service to protect us!
For ladies, you can walk in the streets at night safely without being abducted and raped! But for men, the downside is you cannot touch women here freely like back home!

The best thing about Singapore is its pro-foreigner PAP government which grants Permanent Residency (PR) and citizenships easily to Indian citizens! But don’t apply for Singapore citizenship, just remain as a PR which you can get within a year of working.

As a PR, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. You can buy a public housing apartment known as a HDB flat which you can sell for a profit later on, as Singapore does not have capital gain tax for foreigners. You earn in Singapore dollars, which is one of the most stable currencies in the world. When your contract ends, you simply sell your HDB flat or condominium and retire like a king back home in India.

However, if you have the intention of migrating to the U.S, U.K, Australia, Canada or New Zealand, you should take up Singapore citizenship first, but do not let your sons become citizens or PRs as they will need to serve in the military when they reach 18 years of age.

It is very difficult for Indians to migrate to these countries. It will be much easier to do so as Singaporeans. The immigration authorities will not ask too many questions about your education certificates and work experience once you become a “Singaporean”.

Singapore is a God-sent & once in a life time opportunity for us! Let us make full use of it to succeed in life ! 🌱

This tiny dot is doomed

Anonymous said...

A retired English journalist uncovered 1MDB corruption and was able to trace it to Malaysian Official 1 all on her own device?
Highly paid officials suggested that to trace dirty money in this high-tech country is like finding a needle in haystacks.

Anonymous said...

Leaders, politicians, businesses, parliamentarians, executives, Public Relations and CEOs who dodged

questions and feedback and did so

in a smooth, practised fashion were rated more sincerely than those who answered the

question but in a less fluid style? They may go off-topic so as not to divulge too much.

Some lie to evade uncomfortable topics. And then there’s the non-answer answer such as

simply, "We cannot disclose due to ??????” or “We have been motoring the situation.”

And the most one-liner taught in books we heard was, "We would not tolerate such and such."

[I don't like my country because the way they talk?] Only Lee Kuan Yew talked about, works

where it hurts!

Anonymous said...

There are only 3.7 million Singaporeans on this planet.

If not careful it could easily be extinct.

Anonymous said...

Painful Truths Of Life! • 2 min read

1. Nobody is real in this World. Everyone has a dual Face.

2. Most people will respect the money, not the person.

3. The person whom you love the most, will hurt you most.

4. When you are happy, you Enjoy the music, but when you are sad, you understand the lyrics.

5. In life, two things define you,
•Your patience when you have nothing.
•Your attitude when you have everything.

6. People like good looks, not good thoughts.

7. Your first failure will slap you in public, and then your success will hug you in private.

8. A poor person has no friends if he has no fake friends.

9. Trust means everything, but once it is broken sorry means nothing.

Anonymous said...

Fighting Fires,

Ladders cannot reach the height.

Tanks do not have enough oxygen.

Fire hydrants cannot be opened.

Read it somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The election❎ is in the Cards🎴. Could be late next year📅? Can be felt🙈 in the Air🎤.

Anonymous said...

They have been doing such a poor job that all of a sudden it becomes noticeable when they

are putting some words into action. For them to be doing so means the election is near.

Otherwise, they just plod along and use their mouths.

Anonymous said...

While there is some degree of Anonymous spread hatred, malice, falsehood and harm. It has to be controlled.

You'd be surprised that some Anonymous ( to prevent personal harassment) used online to spread some truth in what was being said or being told to us using "their" paparazzi or media.

To a greater extent today, more so when you only have one truth, one answer and one right, we need Anonymous's added truth, added answers and more than one right.

We must not allow only "their" truth.

I cannot remember where I heard this from. One politician was asked about self-clearing and the tray which has now led to a domino effect on the cleanliness. Of course, we hear the "always right" standard reply. Recently I visited a hawker center after paying a visit to a friend living nearby. I was shocked at the sight of the hygiene of the whole place. The tables were covered in sauces. The floors were littered with cigarette buds and tissues.
At the tray stations were flocks of crows. I thought I was in a third-world country. Mind you not all hawker places are disgusting to eat.

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