Friday, November 10, 2023

Alternative shipping route to bypass the Straits of Malacca

This will have a serious impact on the port of Signapore


Anonymous said...

An effective government means that:

It took people to start dying before they started to evaluate,

It took the resale of public housing prices to keep reaching new heights before some activities started doing something.

It took the republic's main bank to keep malfunctioning before they realized that banks had been manipulating the market, the country and its people for the sake of dirty profits on the portrayal that they had talented people.

It took a massive money laundering case to show that their policy sucks.

As they had claimed time and time again that they had experts, low birth rates had never been solved.

This country has been living in past reputations. I was emailing a foreign friend whom used to live next door to me 23 years ago while on a 3-year contract here, that I saw fights frequently mostly at nightpots. His reply was, " Colin, are you sure what you are telling me? Singapore is a pretty safe place." It jolted on me that Singapore is not the same anymore.

Anonymous said...

(❤️ PM LEE ❤️)

Anonymous said...

Profit-driven businesses focused on gains over long-term customer satisfaction. They used

aggressive marketing tactics, unethical practices, cost-cutting and low-quality

staff or services. Customers feel exploited, leading to loss of trust. They are not

getting value for their money.

Anonymous said...

A small number of people advocate handouts for the retrenched.
Some enterprises find it hard to get workers cause the jobs they feel are below them and they would rather get handouts than work.
They need to rethink the use of taxpayers' money cause the rapid rise in GST makes people very angry.
Why should taxpayers be responsible for people who refuse to take low-paying jobs they think are beneath them?

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