Thursday, May 16, 2024

Secure platforms to receive genuine messages

 I suggest that the government should build a secure platform for government agencies and approved commercial organizations tto send genuine messages, and prevent scammers from sending fake messages.


Anonymous said...

It was only when Ah Loong got scammed that they started to take "some" action. Blessing in

disguise? When OCBC was involved in "that" huge scam, they claimed it was due to people's

carelessness. Businesses are more protected than consumers. I asked one foreign family what

they will miss here when they leave. They replied having a maid.

Anonymous said...

My wife goes to this market specifically to buy cockles. Although she pays a little more, she's guaranteed that all 20 cockles will be fresh and delicious. She won't buy cockles anywhere else, as other stalls tend to mix in spoiled and overnight ones, so out of 20, only 12 are usually good. She was recommended this stall by word of mouth and it has become her go-to place for cockles. Some things we may not be able to see the inside, but through a few trusted experiences, automatically you know it is going to be good.

Anonymous said...

This will be cheered by those who have nothing in property inheritance. Will my only child,

who already owns a property, have to pay the Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD) if I buy a

second property and bequeathed it to her in the future, considering that I already have

paid 20% ABSD or is it infinite?

Anonymous said...

Did Loong or Yang pay ABSD for 38 Oxley inheritance?

Anonymous said...

It is better to build strong children, than keep repairing broken ones.

A knowledgeable man pays the best interest.

Not everybody can see beauty.

Never give a sword to a man who has no balance.

Study the past to divine the future.

It is better not to trust than be deceived.

Wearing the correct dress for any occasion is a matter of good manners.

You can lead a man to the government, but you can't make him lead.

Anything simple attracts interest. Life must not be a zoo in a jungle.

Some places are dangerous because people are evil and also the people are not doing enough about it.

Overindulgence in progress is like a pathological criminal with an axe.

Anonymous said...

I didn't hv time to read the newspapers. But my understanding of ABSD of inherited properties is that if person already owns a property then inherited counted as 2nd or 3rd property & may hv to pay 20% ABSD or if beneficiary selling inherited property then need pay seller's stamp duty. Something like that but not sure either.
Better sell properties & live in service appt & give children cash ba!

Anonymous said...

The traditional school system often doesn't adequately prepare young people for real life, lives involve strictly following instructions and seeking approval from others. This might be why many students who excel in school struggle in their adult lives.

Be frugal, save more, and reduce debt.

Before forming an opinion, consider whether you have the knowledge and experience to do so. Generating opinions is easy, which is why there are so many bad ones. The most problematic situation is believing you know something when you actually don't.

Anonymous said...

Bangkok is now prominently featured on the world map for positive reasons, like a travel brochure.

Anonymous said...

Of course, old people suffer more from SIA somersault due to their bone density being brittle osteoporosis?

Anonymous said...

During Taylor Swift's concert, she could not perform in neighboring countries, including Bangkok. Now Bangkok hospitals are recouping the lost revenue? Maybe foreigners prices double with no subsidies. ICU is not cheap?

Anonymous said...

Insurances Have A Way Of Working It Out. Just Lose The NCB(No Claim Bonus)?

Anonymous said...

As a result of more foreign citizens on this SIA plane, the investigations will be trustworthy and there will be no cover-up. Because countries need to protect their own citizens, they wouldn't dare to make up fairy tales!

Anonymous said...

Most people have Personal Accidents or other forms of policies to claim from, which they have been paying monthly or annually from their own pockets. What is the use of money if you are paralyzed?

Anonymous said...


Profit maximization is the murderous strategy of global corporation hierarchies.

Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic.

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

Anonymous said...

Travel agencies normally recommend travel insurance for a small amount just for the one trip that you book through them.

Anonymous said...

When the headlines screamed hawker food went up by 6.1%, my first impression was who are they trying to kid? So was everyone else who just saw the headlines but did not bother to read it.
Dog eat dog world. Everyone just loves themselves and people should not comment if they do not have a full picture all around.

Anonymous said...

The maximum fine for workplace safety breaches will be raised from $20,000 to $50,000 from that date, said MOM on May 27.

Is SCDF immunity being granted or are they just finding scapegoats? We are all aware that safety has been compromised in many places due to cost-cutting and taking shortcuts, some due to the need for survival at an affordable price, while others due to greed for obscene profits. Very typical nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Pritam Singh did say to Raesh Khan to take the lie to the grave, otherwise he sued her for defaming him? See now lawyer after being found guilty of perjury!

Anonymous said...


*1 - Exercise is medicine.*
*2 - Fasting is medicine.*
*3 - Natural food is medicine.*
*4 - Laughter is medicine.*
*5 - Vegetables and fruits are medicine.*
*6 - Sleep is medicine.*
*7 - Sunlight is medicine.*
*8 - Loving others is medicine*
*9 - Loving yourself is medicine.*
*10 - Gratitude is medicine.*
*11 - Letting go of offence is medicine.*
*12 - Meditation is medicine.*
*13 - Reading and studying the Word of God is medicine.*
*14 - Eating well, on time and without excess is medicine.*
*15 - Right thinking and right thinking with a good mindset is medicine.*
*16 - Trusting in God is medicine*
*17 - Good friends are medicine.*
*18 -. Forgiving yourself and forgiving others is medicine.*
*19 - Drinking plenty of water is medicine.*
*20 - A peaceful heart is medicine*

*Take enough of these medications and you will rarely need the ones from pharmacies.*

Last but not least.... _.Politics sharing may kill friendship_ ...🀣πŸ₯²

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Economist- "If buy a condo with many units your maintenance fees are less cos more people sharing the cost."

1 Year Old- "Your prediction doesn't hold water. 734km² the population has increased like nobody's business yet GST and Taxes have not stopped increasing and more people means more collection. In the olden days, there were fewer people and tax collections were also low cos salaries not high."

Brilliant Economist- "More people means having to build more facilities eg schools, hospitals, transport and offices."

1 Year Old- "All these facilities are not free. They are collecting billions from land sales for more housing, and foreigners have no subsidies for medical or schools. They kept building new homes for the increased population meant increased stamp duty collection. Import duties collection also more for extra people."

Brilliant Economist- "We have no JLow, Najib or Rosnah here. You look around us and you can see the upkeep of the country. The infrastructure is tops."

90 Year Old man-" While spending on infrastructures, fewer workers are hired. Now auto auto-answer phones and hardly any enforcement personnel. But got cameras."

Brilliant Economist- " I am not an accountant."

One Year Old-"??????."

Anonymous said...

A man came from a family with a history of violence. When he had his own family, he told his only child that his only hope was that his son would not smoke, drink, or get tattoos and that school results were not important. He didn't want to go through another cycle of having a non-harmonius family. Despite his wishes, he discovered that his only son, at the age of 16, started smoking, at 19, started drinking, and at 22, got a tattoo. However, his son excelled in school, getting a scholarship to study at a top university.

His parents endured years of heartache and tears. Now, at the age of 30, he has been attending the wakes of a few friends' fathers and mothers. He has started to wake up to turn his life around and is now in the long process of getting his tattoo painfully removed through laser treatment, which comes at a significant cost. He is working out to quit smoking but not much success. Is it better late than never now that his mother is undergoing cancer treatment? Can life be that cruel?

Anonymous said...

Orh Luak's (oyster omelette) new recipe:

A small size costs $6. I was asked if I needed eggs. I thought they meant extra eggs, and that one egg would cost $1. When the dish was served, it cost $7 and contained just one egg and all white flour with two pieces of oyster.

Anonymous said...

Hooligans are increasing everywhere. Personally, we avoid going out to crowded places and peak hours.

Anonymous said...

The events of today are concerning. The increase in fatalities, the white- and blue-collar crime, the scams, the filth, the bad service, the cheating and on and on. Is this the way the country has always been, just more noticeable due to social media, or has the country truly been down the dumps? Scary.

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