Monday, October 10, 2005

Cheating on bus fares

Some people cheated on bus fares. They tap their ezLink card immediately on boarding the bus (instead of time of exit), so that they pay a lower fare. The government is passing a law to punish these cheats.

Is there a better way to handle this problem?


Heng-Cheong said...

My humble suggestion: 1) reverse the the doors, so that you go up the bus at the back, and exit at the front door which is next to the driver.

Cute Bubble said...

but the problem will arise for those people paying cash

sharon tay said...

Jailing commuters who cheat on their bus fares seems to be on the harsh side.

Mr. Tan mentioned the advantages of video camera to monitor maids. I think it is an excellent idea!

Perhaps CCTV can be applied here as well. CCTV is used in some buses in the UK to ensure that the passengers will not get into mischief.

The bus driver can make use of CCTV to ensure that the people who tap their cards to exit will alight the bus.

The cost of installing cameras and screens may be a considerable expense in the short term.

However, it will a small sum spent compared to the yearly $9 million loss in fares due to bus cheats (as claimed by the bus companies).

choonkeat said...

Place "exit tap" outside the bus. e.g. bus stops.

At least any arising problem will now be a hard problem (engineering, easy) and not a soft (people, difficult).

Otherwise, fire unemployed to be bus fare police.

Re: cctv, bus drivers should not carry the extra burden of baby sitting the system. in a service industry, do not make the customers a direct conflict against the service staff.

choonkeat said...

oops. i do mean "hire unemployed".

Tony said...

what if the bus company overcharge? The entire board of directors thrown to jail?

gandoo said...

I dun think cctv is a good idea as its will be very huge cost if were to install in every bus. I was to suggest , if the bus conductor were to caught anyone cheating on the fare or escaping from paying for the fare. A fine will be given.
Eg $20 "san man"... heeee..Then all passenger will be scare of this sum and start to pay for the full fare. How do u all guys think of this idea

doe noe said...

Position powerful scanners at front and back exits to scan cardvalue carried in passenger's bags and pockets. Compute start and endpoint expected cost and compare this with actual cost deducted on ezlink card. If expected cost is greater than actual cost deducted, loud beeping sound is activated and a deterrent penalty charge is automatically deducted from the offender's card.

wantunn said...

Q: Why not just mount the exit scanners on the outside of the bus?

Likely A: The cost involved will be great wchich will be passed back to innocent commuters blah blah blah blah.

Follow up Q: So isn't it a design flaw in the first place?

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