Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Insurance Website of the Year



We are delighted to be awarded the Insurance Website of the Year in the 9th Asian Insurance Industry Award.

Our new website was designed by an internal project team comprising of our young officers. Our aim is to provide information that is easy to access and can provide useful information to the public. We adopt a practical approach in the design of our website, and avoid the excesive use of graphics, to reduce the downloading time.

We have a website in English, Chinese and Malay to cater to our customers who are familiar with the common languages in Singapore.

Our website now attract 10 million hits each month. It continues to grow rapidly each month.

The website will be the core of our business strategy for the future. It will be the central source of information for our customers, agents and employees. It will contain information about our products, practice notes, forms and other materials. All parties will refer to the same source of information. This will provide transparency and consistency of practice.

The website will be expanded to allow transactions to be submitted. We will actively advertise our website, and will attract more visitors.

Tan Kin Lian
Chief Executive Officer
NTUC Income


sharon tay said...

This is a wonderful piece of news! Well done to the team!

For me, the website is a totally awesome portal that provides comprehensive information about NTUC Income and its products (amongst many others).

It’s user-friendly, makes for easy navigation, and has a cutting-edge design. Splendid!

gandoo said...

well done ! Truthfully, i did get lots of information from the website too. This is how i get to choose NTUC Income as my choice.

Victor Foo said...

Congratulation to NTUC Income Insurance Cooperative Limited for the award.

I am confident that many users like me, whom do not understand much about the insurance industrial, will benefit from this website.

gandoo said...

hi Mr Tan,
Perhaps you can fill me with more information on which unit trust is recommended to invest?

Tan Kin Lian said...

Dear Aiyoyo,

If you wish to learn about investment, you can attend our educational seminar which is held once every two weeks.

More info: www.income.coop.

sharon tay said...


Mr. Tan is right. You will also be able to learn more about investment products by attending seminars.

I think the next seminar will be held on the 27th of October at One Marina Boulevard (http://www.income.coop/seminar/ilps/). Mr. Tan is one of the speakers.

I strongly recommend you to attend the seminars that Mr. Tan conducts.

He has a dynamic and wonderful style of presenting complex ideas in a simple, concise, yet interesting manner! Very exceptional!

gandoo said...

Ya i have signed up for the talk. Hope to get more information. Can you all guys care to share abt ur investment experience? Curretnly i had 5 investment with me on hand with different company. pls share. Thanks

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