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Payment of death claims under DPS

24 March 2006

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Straits Times

I refer to the article by Lorna Tan entitled "Key difference in two DPS options not highlighted: Case" (Straits Times, 23 March 2006)

The article highlighted some concern about how the benefit under the Dependent Protection Scheme that is insured with NTUC Income and Great Eastern will be paid out.

The sum involved is only $46,000 or slightly more. In the event of death and the absence of a nomination or will, the benefit will be paid to the family members (ie spouse, children, parents) according to the Insurance Act. It is usually quite straight forward.

NTUC has paid out 300 DPS claims since being appointed one of the insurer. More than 95% of these claims were paid to the proper claimants according to the Insurance Act, who were either executors of wills for those who have made a will or family members for those without a will. The remaining 5% are paid according to specific
nomination submitted by the policyholder. The nominees are usually family members.

Most policyholders will thus find this arrangement to be suitable.

A policyholder of NTUC Income can submit a specific nomination, if they wish to distribute the proceeds in a different manner. The forms are available on request.

Tan Kin Lian
Chief Executive Officer
NTUC Income

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