Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pensioners lost money on their investments ?

Recently, I saw a news article with this headline. It refers to another country. This can be a frightening prospect.

Here are some suggestions on how to invest your retirement money and not face the same risk:

- invest for the long term
- invest in a professionally managed and well diversified fund

It does not matter that the value of the investments can go up or down. They do not concern you. If you are investing for the long term in equities, you should get a better return compared to bonds.

Based on past record, the average return over 10 or 20 years is likely to be 6% to 9%.

The combined fund from NTUC Income is structured to give a good return, with little risk. In fact, risk can be turned to an advantage.

If are keen to learn more, you can call us to attend an educational talk.

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