Thursday, July 17, 2008

ERP charges displayed on gantry

The ERP charges are now displayed on the gantry. It shows the charge for the various types of vehicles, i.e. cars, motor cycles, taxis, bus and goods vehicle. The charges change according to the time slots.

Well done to Land Transport Authority.


siewkhim said...

Dear Kin Lian,

We have to pay indirectly for the additional display. It is not for free.

Nothing is free.

So if we are prepared to pay more not only can we get additional display but also in multi-colour etc.

Vampire said...

I'm really trying to make sense of this implementation.

Pop quizzes:
What's the point of displaying the price of ERP, when it's impossible to avoid it as soon as it is within the drivers' view (e.g. CTE)? Are they missing a point?

How would displaying ERP prices that way add constructive value to the traffic?

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