Monday, July 14, 2008

World class transport system

I have given five suggestions on how to improve the transport system in Singapore in
Do you agree with the suggestions?


Unknown said...

I am glad that there is someone with weight can speak about some truth, though not very pretty. yes, when i read about statement "world class transport" that our lta is offering, i do not know if i should cry or laugh. i have been to highly and developing countries and tried their local public transport and my final feeling is not sure our :world class transport" is pitched a what world?
last week we thought of supporting te green call by taking a bus from orchard road(outside Tang) to east coast.guess what, it took us more than 35 mins for bus 36 to arrive. by the time the bus stopped near Plaza Singapura stop, it was jam packed this is 10pm on weekday).when we alighted at amber road, it took me a total of more than 75 mins! what a ride for a distance of less than 8km requires more than 75 mins total travel time during OFF-PEAK period! is this the "world class" standard we can expect?
few years ago i was in turin and was so impressed with the transport services. the bus service is so idiot proof, even a tourist like me who knows nothing in Italian can use the bus service with great ease. why? at all the bus stations there is a large bus and train services map, so long as you know which station or main landmark like buildings or road you like to go you can easily find the right bus to take. on top of it every station has digital display to let you know the waiting time (yes notice we have that at some bus stops). because of the ease in using the system it does encourages higher usage. frankly, manay time it turns me off t take a bus because i do not know how to take it. yes there is bus guide, imagine at the bus stop try flipping frantically at the guide!

i hope the lta can seriously take a honest look at out public transport system short comings make improvement before chiding the public for not wanting to give up driving!

siewkhim said...

I do know about people who chides the public for not wanting to give up driving? They themselves are driven around in their mercedes benz. I heard they also are given free parking at HDB, free ERP, free petrol all paid for.

Why don't they try taking public transport as part of their travel to work?

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