Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Health care system in Taiwan

Taiwan studied the health care system of 6 countries (including Singapore) and decided to adopt the single payor system in Canada. Their system has proved to be quite successful. Read this report.


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the Taiwan healthcare system is better than Singapore's. Here's a letter I wrote last year which was published in TODAY, followed by the reply from MOH.

Contrary to what MOH seemed to imply, the lower cost in Taiwan does not come at the expense of quality. Medical care is both cheap AND good in Taiwan.

Many people who hold dual citizenships (Taiwan & US) make regular trips to Taiwan to attend to their medical needs.

Singapore Short Stories said...

Heath care system is a system that really affects all of us.

The most important factor is to have money to tide over poor health.

Vincent Sear said...

""Q.How much do people have to pay?

A.If you’re employed, your employer pays 60 percent of your premium. The employee pays 30 percent, and the government subsidizes 10 percent. The government fully subsidizes the premiums for the poor and gives partial subsidies to veterans, the self-employed and farmers.""

In Singapore, the Health Minister claimed that he lied awake all night long worrying about healthcare for Singaporeans. Then one morning he's awaken and enlightened with the solution, increase Medishield premiums! I'd wish that he sleeps better and stop waking up with such ideas.

Taiwan government subsidises healthcare insurance from at least 10% for all up 100% for the poor. Singapore government has a huge cash chest in Medifund, but you must be indignifiably threatened with bankruptcy or destitution before a cent would roll for you.

Anonymous said...

There was no mention of the group
studying the Singapore system in the report.

>the United States, the U.K., >Germany, France, Canada and >Japan.

These were the 6 countries.

Anonymous said...

Singapore was mentioned in the original article, which is reproduced here:

Maybe it was a typo?

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