Tuesday, November 03, 2009

TKL Financial Planning

Someone asked about buying the TKL Financial Planning book. It will be ready by January 2010. It may be available early in PDF copy at the internet shop (projects.easyapps.sg/ishop). You can get a free copy of draft 6a of this book (90 pages) here.

I am selling some PDF versions of my intelligence quiz and sudoku books. They can also be found at the internet shop. The price is $4 per volume (compared to $7.90 for the printed book).


Hoon Thien Rong said...

Nice reading, since I still study and will be working soon. It contains several topics I am interested in but haven't research yet.

For example, the SRS inclusion is nice, but I do not understand the part

"The accumulated saving is less than 2 times of the actual savings
(likely to be true for investments of less than 15 years)"

What do it means? Does that mean there is a age when a person really consider contributing to SRS?

Btw, the CPF Life compulsory for those born after XXXX, XXXX should be 1958.

However, not too sure about CPF Life compared to taking a personal endowment.

A Singaporean said...

Chapter 11, good financial products. A comment on presentation.

The headings go, "Good products", "Exchange Traded Products", "Diversification of risk". These are examples or features of good financial products.

Then the reader see "Life insurance products". If the reader knows nothing about good financial products, his first impression is that life insurance products are also good products.

Vincent Sear said...

My opinion is, useful and value-for-money insurance products are:

- term life
- personal accident
- health shield

These are the necessarily real safeguards against contingencies and relatively inexpensive to acquire. For investors who are comfortable with unit trusts and stocks, there's no real need for life insurance policies participating with profits. However, there'd be still people who're more comfortable with participating policies, the feature of bonus once declared can't be taken away, compared to the fluctuations of unit trusts and stocks where gains if not realised can plunge into losses.

Participating policies like whole life and endowment aren't really necessities, they're more of luxuries, for folks who don't have time or mind for their investments but just want some returns on their policies instead of feeling like buying motor insurance.

Anonymous said...

To Mr Tan:

I would really apperciate that if you can publish your book with other 3 national languages, especially Chinese. If that is the case, I would buy one such book for my parents who is more comfortable in Chinese. (Probably then can discuss or whatsoever)

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