Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Old fashion investment advice

Jack Bogle has been giving the same advice for 50 years. Read this article.

His advice, in short: Invest consistently and for the long haul in a widely diversified portfolio of stocks and bonds. Pay attention to taxes and costs. But leave your investments alone.


Garrett said...

Unfortunately most "investors" are actually speculators, and history has shown that such "investors" do not learn from history.

Anonymous said...

"Buying individual stocks is a loser's game, he adds. Mutual fund managers, who invest for a living, can't pick their investments consistently enough to beat the market as a whole, he notes. And it's even less likely that the average investor is going to be able to do any better." John Bogle

Remember the man who lost $350K of his CPF? Well, there might be a small percentage who make money but the majority are losers.
How many Warren Buffet out there who have a army of analysts to uncover the gem and yet sometimes Warren made mistakes.The stock exchange is the biggest casino and the punters are all over the place.
You can't beat the market!!!!!!that is what John Bogle is saying.

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