Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Building wealth

Read this article on savings, avoiding debt and investing.

My comment
The tips are similar to the points made in my book - Practical Guide on Financial Planning available online.


Wayne said...

Dave Ramsey (The originator of the 7 baby steps) also runs a radio show Mon-Fri and the podcast can be downloaded from:

Highly recommended for those who are trying to get out of debts and those who are staying away from debts. Basically, for most people.

Generally, this is a holistic approach to life and money planning. Besides, you can be very motivated when you hear people shouting "I'm debt free!!" during the show.

Last but not least, Dave Ramsey is a strong proponent of Buy-Term-Invest-The-Rest.

hosingping said...

Mr Tan,

Regarding the topic on saving for children education. it talks about where to put the money in for education in US. Can you advise if it is a good idea to save money for education in Great Eastern

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