Thursday, July 01, 2010

Wisdom on How to Live Life - Book Review

Book Review of "Wisdom on How to Live Life" on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars Best spiritual book I have ever read, June 26, 2010
By A. J. Bray "Adrian Bray" (lowestoft, suffolk)

It has been several years since I came across the concept of 'living in the now'; it appealed to me because I wanted to live a contented life and not continually worry about the future. So when I read of the book 'Wisdom on how to live life - transforming Earth into heaven' by Dr. Tommy Wong, I was hooked!

In my early days I used to attend church upto three times on a Sunday where it was drummed into me that heaven was something you went to after dying and everything would be alright once you got there. Somehow, this translated into my mind that living on the earth was, at best, extremely difficult or at worst, horrible. God was something 'out there', cut off from us. This author proposes the concept that God is really a 'Great Spirit' that is in everything in and beyond our universe, yet smaller than an atom, in fact, everything that is. He goes on to say about divine, physical and man-made laws and gives great examples of each. 'Success' in life is defined through conversations Tom has with Guru's Dick and Harry. One reflects the way things are today in modern life, whilst the other suggests a better, fairer, more satisfying way. This book is easy to read, will challenge you to think about how you are living your life. It is a life changer and one to keep. Meanwhile, I can not wait to read Bk2. In my opinion, 5 stars are not enough to rate Bk1.
"Wisdom on how to live life" can be purchased here.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Tan,

Do insurance covers chronic illness like diabetes or back pain, spine injury??

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Being a christian does not mean going to church every Sunday to pray, nor does evangelising (spreading the word of God) means you have to go round talking nothing else except God's greatness and existence and trying to convert non-believers to be Christians.
Being a Christian simply means talking, behaving and acting as one, doing things for humanity on behalf of God. By helping humanity you are helping God to spread the Word.
Thus a lot of so-called self-appointed pastors who found their own Church, and starting to preach about God, and worst of all, in the name of God, humiliate other religions is not truly a Christian.
In fact all religions believe in One Supreme Being e.g. in Hinduism,
Hindus also believe in one Great Supreme Being, irregardless of the numerous lesser Gods and Goddesses
who they worship openly.
Christianity is a great religion, but it tends to breed egotism and selfishness in its believers if Christians just confine themselves to himself, his family, his Church and his God, and anyone outside this space, is of not his concern in his subconscious mind.
I am a Christian by conversion, and my perspective of being one originally was tending towards selfishness, until i met a an Indian Jesuit Monk, who opened up my mind to other religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, and realise that all religions share the same doctrine in one Supreme Being, expressed in different ways or having differebt names. It is a humbling experience.
The most important thing I have learnt is to live in the "now",
this instant, this hour, this day.
We are often dogged down by the future, worry about the future, and keep fretting the whole day about something that may or may not happen in the future. Thus we become unhappy.

Anonymous said...

To think and want a better tomorrow for the world is the hope and wish of a sensible man.

To wish to be exclusively powerful and wealthy so as to lead and lord over others and stands out amongst the crowds would be seeking glory. This vanity of mankind unfortunately is the wishes of many.


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