Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wisdom on How to Live Life

Here are some comments on Amazon website on the book by Dr. Tommy Wong.

Discussion of "Wisdom on How to Live Life" on Amazon

I came across Tommy Wong's books whist carrying out a search on 'spirituality' and am pleased I did. His whole way of writing and explanations are simple and make so much sense. I have read and reviewed books by Eckhart Tolle which I thought were good, but these books by Tommy are much better in my opinion and deserve to be read widely. I hate to use cliche's by these books are definitely lifechangers. I cannot recommend them highly enough. So impressed am I that I will buy any future book if he decides to write more. Are there other people who have read his books and feel the same way?

A. J. Bray


yeokh said...

Must the good life include the spiritual life in the supernatural sense?

Or can one build a good, and perhaps, better, life solely through humanistic values?

Take a look, for example, at for a start.

Anonymous said...

The Supernatural and Religious Spiritualities do provide false comforts to believers. And so long as the believers do feel the serenities, there is no harm. It is the misleading preachings of heaven and rituals that are to be exposed, such as exorcism, faith healings and the ability of the preachers themselves having the supernatural powers to grant wishes. Much of these are pure nonsense.

Me certainly concurs with Yeokh that humanities is the way to spiritual wellbeings.


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