Wednesday, November 17, 2010

USB Charger

I bought this USB charger from a shop in Queen Street for $15. It allows me to charge many mobile devices. I have charged by Android phone, iPod and Flip video-cam using both electricity and laptop. It worked without any problem.

I have approached the supplier to buy a bulk order. I can sell it for $12 per unit ($10 for order of 3 or more units). If you are interested, please reply to this survey. If there is sufficient demand, I will place the order.


patrol said...

Dear Mr Tan,
Pl note that many of these charges are not properly manufactured. Some have been known to overheat and explode. This has happened a couple of times during my 5 years in Shanghai.

Tan Kin Lian said...

I charged my Flip video-cam on the power outlet for 2 hours. It worked ok. I also charged my mobile-phone on the power outlet and my Apple on the laptop power. All worked okay. As it is low power charging, it should not cause the overheat and explode. Let me try for a few more days.

NZD said...

Hi Mr Tan,

You might want to check out this website as well if you like to explore such gadgets. It was featured on Straits Times once and has free shipping to Singapore. I tried it once and it has no minimum order.

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