Sunday, April 24, 2011

Difficulty in sending e-mail

I tried to send e-mails to 600 FISCA members from a web application. It took a long time to send out the e-mails and is blocked by Google after 500 mails. There are other obstacles in sending which are not transparent to me. Some of the messages were sent out more than once.

It seemed that the only way to overcome this problem is to pay a third party mailing service at 10 cents per mail to send them out. Do you know of any better way? Send your solution to Thanks.


Unknown said...

try this
u can use it to send from your domain.

Unknown said...

check out this review of mailing list software. You do not need to a third party to do this if you use one of the software in the review. I use groupmail5 free edition and happy with it as my list is only about 150 people.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Tan,
Maybe you can try using Mircosoft Outlook? There is a function which you can group the email list together under one name and send them in one go.

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