Sunday, July 31, 2011

Enjoyable trip to Batam

I had an enjoyable trip to Batam. I met the Singapore manager of the Planet Holiday hotel. I had breakfast at the hotel and met two groups of Singaporeans there. Later, I had 1 hour interview over a Batam radio station and another 1 hour interview with journalists from several Batam newspapers. The interviews were in Bahasa and I had the assistance of an interpreter, but managed to give some answers and greetings in Bahasa.

My group had lunch at the Nagoya Hills Shopping Mall. The owner of a staff, who is a Singapore PR recognised me and asked his assistant to give me a box of layered cakes. I also met several Singaporean families at the mall. They went to Batam for the weekend for shopping and relaxation. I also had a chat with several Singaporeans on the ferry to Batam and back.

I sent greetings to the Muslims in Batam for Ramadan and also for the coming Indonesian Independence Day. I was impressed with the economic development in Batam and the warmth and friendliness of the people towards Singaporeans.

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