Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greater accountability needed for SAF

It is time for National Service to be reviewed as part of the National Conversation


yujuan said...

Dun be conned. Deaths in the SAF have always occurred since day 1, and includes camp suicides too.
It has been covered up by the docile MSM and the Govt. But with the advent of social media and Wlkileaks, the Govt and SPH could not hide anymore.
As parents with not so healthy sons serving NS, we have to stand up and fight for our precious sons' safety.
All their COs care about is their face, not their underlings' health and safety. Never place faith with the SAF.
Dominique died from tear gas inhalation while doing chemical warfare training in a smoke filled room. Asmatic patients must avoid smoke and air pollution, their sensitive airways react by clamping up, leading to breathing difficulties, leading to death.
Our son who has asma had an attack while serving BMT, was sent to hospital, making the parents frightened.
We approached our MP's Meet the People's Office, and asked for our hospitalized son to be downgraded to Admin Dept, and requested them to write to his CO, the grassroots replied many NS recruits have asma too, it's common in SAF. We insisted that they should help.
An argument started, we stood our ground and refused to leave. Finally we gave the Grassroots an ultimatum, either they write that letter, if something untoward happen to our son, we would hold the Grassroots responsible, even taking legal action, and we wan a copy of the request letter to downgrade our son within 15 days.
The Co's letter copy was sent to our home within the stipulated time, downgrading him to computer office work.
So folks, fight for our precious sons' lives, SAF dun care, the Govt dun care, only you care. Must be proactive, trust only yourselves.

nitin said...

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