Friday, September 21, 2012

Health care system in Canada

Wing Lee, a former Singapore citizen and now a Canadian citizen, shared this perspective about the health care system in Canada.

Dear Kin Lian,

I believe you asked about the Canadian healthcare system which I have delayed in replying.  I have recovered well after 3 weeks in hospital. I am up and about doing my regular routine and catching up with my emails.

The Canadian Healthcare is compulsory for all citizens and permanent residents including Singaporeans or other nationalities working in Canada on assignments. You must be working or living in Canada for at least 3 months before entitlement of the Canadian Healthcare. For individual, the healthcare premium is about $150 per month. For family, there is a group premium. My wife and I paid $116 per month or C$58 each. Most family doctors and patients are friends. For example, my family doctor has been our friend since we immigrated 25 years ago.

In Canada, doctors and healthcare system including nurses, pharmacists, administrators, treat patients like human beings with passion and care. This is something lacking in the Singapore healthcare system.

It is a one class healthcare system regardless if you are in minister or ordinary citizen we all get the same treatment. I do not understand why the Americans are against President Obama. The British are envious of our system. The following two links will give you an idea of the Canadian healthcare.

Canadians are very happy with their healthcare system with more than 80% approval rating.


Wing Lee


yujuan said...

Our Singapore Govt dun care, they just wan to make money out of our CPF savings.
Should there be a regime change, our Health care system should be completely overhauled first.
Now the Govt coffers are getting richer and richer, and the citizens are getting poorer and poorer in their savings.

Sureesh said...

I believe the Canadian health care system depends a lot on foreign talent. A lot of the doctors are from overseas.

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