Sunday, December 30, 2012

Find the right insurance package

Here is a tip on how you can find and trust an insurance agent to get the best insurance package for you.

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zhummmeng said...

The only best plan can come from independent advisers and NOT insurance agents who work for their companies and themselves, eg the tied agents. Tied agents and their company work hand in glove to push products that rip off their customers but pay high commission to agents and high APIs to the whole life and regular ILPs that pay high commission to agents and gives the company high APIs.
Independent Financial Advisers are hired by customers to work in the best interest of their clients and NOT the product manufacturers.
Tied agents' loyalty is to the company and that is why they push the product that the company wants them to push, even they are rotten. Do you agree that some insurance companies' products are down right rotten and bother on scam? But yet the tied agents try to push. Rotten products always carry high commission and incentives to make agents greedy enough to stoop to any lies and unethical practices.
The public must beware of the gifts that are used to entice them. The products are rotten. Good products don't need extra incentives to induce the customers to buy, right?.
MAS must stop this practice of gifts, shopping vouchers and rebates to mislead and miss-sell the products by tied agents.The victims are usual unwary and gullible and easily deceived by tied agents. MAS must deploy under cover mystery shoppers to catch these agents.
For the public, to protect yourself don't buy insurance from tied agents. Tied agents are salesmen that represent the interest of insurance companies ONLY and NOT YOU.

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