Monday, February 13, 2017

Exercise of common sense

I have been a member of the Grassroots Club for nearly 10 years. I went to the health center often.

I was required to hand over my member card to get the locker key. One day, I forgot the card. I had to give my NRIC instead to hold as ransom for the locker key.

The staff felt uncomfortable, because she needed my card, according to the SOP. She needed to record my membership number into her manual record. It was troublesome to log into the computer system ????

She is not a new staff. She knew me over the years. But SOP is SOP, right?

This evening, I forgot my membership card again. Another staff served me. She also knew me over the years.

TKL - Sorry I forgot my membership card.
Staff - Its okay.
TKL - Do you need my NRIC or other card?
Staff - No need.
TKL - Do you have my membership number
Staff - Yes. It is in the register. I can look it up.

I am relieved. There is hope for Singapore. There are still a few people who can exercise common sense, instead of relying blinding on SOP. Sadly, there are a disappearing breed.

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