Thursday, February 16, 2017

Wasteful activity by IRAS

My wife has not been working for 3 decades. I include her in my income tax returns each year. She does not have to pay any income tax, as she does not have any income.

Last year, she received a tax bill for $340 based on "estimated original assessment". I don't know how IRAS got the estimate of her income - which never existed.

I called IRAS. The staff told me that they sent a tax form to her and she did not return it. So, they estimated her income and charged her the tax.

I have to pay the tax. I can resubmit her return and get a refund. She would send the form to me. The form did not arrive after three weeks.

Why is IRAS creating all this unnecessary work for themselves and for the taxpayer? Why can't they send the form only to people who are working?

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