Saturday, November 11, 2017

SMRT needs a qluality audit plan and rigorous implementation

My friend worked 40 years in Keppel shipyard and has recently retired. I asked him, "Does Keppel have the engineering expertise to help SMRT to fix their problem?"

He replied -

It is not an engineering problem. It is a quality audit issue. I am shocked that they can allow the poor quality control to continue for so long. It is a cultural issue and a management issue.

In the shipyard, we have to build and repair many ships and oil drilling platforms. Each ship or platform contains many systems that have to work together.

We have a detailed quality audit plan. We have to make sure that the quality is maintained on every aspect of the work. We carry out sample audits and if it disclose a serious issue, we take the next step to inspect all the affected parts in detail.

If we do not maintain the quality, how can the ships or platforms take the harsh weather conditions and still work well? If you consider the thousands of ships and platforms that are out there in the ocean, how many of them break down?

They don't break down because we have a quality audit plan and we carry out the audit seriously.

It is likely that the team from Taipei will focus on the quality audit. I am sure that they know what needs to be done.

My comment -

His observation sounds quite credible. SMRT needs to pay attention to their quality audit and have to carry it out professionally and competently.
Our challenge is that the people in SMRT have been allowed to slacken for a long time. Maybe they spent their time playing politics rather than carry out the work that they are expected to do.
I can't blame them. They are learning from the bad example set at the very top of the political leadership.

If the PM and the ministers spend their time making life difficult for the opposition MPs, they are not addressing the real issues that face the people. 

If this is the leadership style, SMRT will probably be the same.

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