Saturday, August 18, 2018

Contact information

I consider my email address and mobile number to be public information. I do not hide them. I share them when necessary.

My residential address is shown in the telephone directory anyway.

I get spam mail send to me from all sources. The risk of people reading my email from Facebook and spending spam mail or mischievous mail to me is small and can be managed. I know how to deal with them - I delete them immediately. End of email.

I also get calls on my mobile phone, mainly from telemarketing people. I give a reply "Goodbye". End of call.

I also get salesmen knocking on my doors. This happens less nowadays, because the Internet is an easier way to market. I say, "Not interested". End of knock.

If someone wants to target me, there are many ways that they can do so. Keeping my address, email or mobile number secret does not reduce the risk. It is better to learn how to deal with them.

My contact details are among the 1.5 million data that is stolen in the SingHealth cyber attack. I am not bothered. Unlike some people, I am not paranoid.

If anyone has criminal intent, I can submit "a police report".

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