Monday, August 06, 2018

Vote for change

Most people find it unlikely for the opposition to form the next government. It will take a few rounds of general election to achieve this outcome.

I agree.

However, I do not share their pessimistic assessment of this effort.

The most important outcome is that the PAP should lose say 30 seats. If this happens, guess what.

You can be sure that the PAP will have to change many of its bad policies, especially the policies that increases the cost of living and add a big burden to the daily lives of the people.

They will certainly not proceed with increasing the GST to 9%. They will roll back the hefty increase in water and electricity prices, and in rentals.

It is important for voters to vote for the coalition so that the PAP will lose a few GRCs and 30 seats.

Some voters are worried that if the swing is too large, the PAP will not form the government. That outcome will be better. The new government can implement the changes more quickly.
We can learn from the experience of Malaysia on how the transition can be carried out smoothly and even increase the confidence of foreign investors.

The voters should have the confidence to vote for change. Both outcomes will be good.

Do you agree?

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Anonymous said...

The fragmented parties may be able to 合作
some seats if they
赢得 under TBC and give him the space to advocate.


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