Thursday, August 30, 2018

Wonderful customer service experience

I just had a wonderful experience of the customer service provided by a website called Free Logo Service.

I used this website to create a logo. They provided a domain free for one year. I did not use the domain as the project was abandoned.

They auto-renewed the domain and charged me for its fee. I submitted an online form to cancel the domain.

I received an email reply asking for a few essential information to identify the domain and the last four digit of my credit card for verification.

They cancelled the renewal and refunded the fee to me.

This exchange was completed within one hour and is done entirely by email.

Singapore Experience
I now share my experience with government agencies and big companies in Singapore.

a) Difficult to locate their website and online feedback form.
b) Difficult to submit their online form as they ask for non-essential information that are not available and have a troublesome captcha process.
c) They promise to reply within four working days. Often I do not get the reply.
d) Some agencies do not reply by email by expect me to get my reply by logging into their website.

I have still not received any acknowledgement or reply to my two feedback to the Corp Pass website after a few days.

We need our Singapore organizations to simplify their process for their customers.

Tan Kin Lian

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Anonymous said...

Put customer service into gov agencies KPI. And make big companies famous.

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