Monday, October 07, 2019

WOTC - Petition against a judgment

Wisdom of the Crowd: 75% of the respondents felt that it was proper for the public to sign a petition against the decision of the judge. 75% felt that this issue should be left to the courts.

See the breakdown of the votes in


Anonymous said...

At times seduction by the female- eye contact and the male got the wrong idea. The recent Miss Singapore has got natural beauty. No eyelid , Botox or nosejob done on her face. In todays world its like most had the same kind of nose. Daughter will say how come me nose is flat and yours's is sharp? Hopefully mother will tell daughter the truth that nose and eyes are surgically done. Daughter will want to do it too. Can you deny them?

Anonymous said...

50 Years Ago

50 years ago, children were gentle with their parents. Today parents have to be gentle with their children for fear of them running away from home.

50 years ago, everyone wanted to have children. Today many people are afraid of having children.

50 years ago, children respected their parents. Now parents have to serve their children.

50 years ago, men were chasing women. Now women are chasing men.

50 years ago, marriage was easy but divorce was difficult. Nowadays it is difficult to get married but divorce is so easy.

50 years ago, sons/daughters-in-law were afraid to offend their parents-in-laws. Now parents-in-law are afraid to offend their sons/daughters-in-law.

50 years ago, we got to know all the neighbors. Now we are strangers to our neighbors.

50 years ago, people had to eat a lot because they needed the energy to work hard. Now we are afraid to eat fatty foods for fear of the cholesterol.

50 years ago, all windows and doors of the house were left unlocked while we slept.
Today windows and doors have to be closed and locked with a big padlock.

50 years ago, it wasn't easy to get what you wanted. Nowadays it's easy to find and buy everything online.

50 years ago, villagers were flocking to the city to find jobs. Now the townspeople are fleeing from the stress to find peace.

50 years ago, only old people wear plain while the young were wearing flowery dresses. Nowadays even old parents are wearing floral dresses.

50 years ago, everyone wanted to be fat to look happy ... Nowadays everyone diets to look healthy.

50 years ago, rich people pretended to be poor. Now the poor are pretending to be rich.

50 years ago, only one person worked to support the whole family. Now all have to work to support one child.

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