Friday, January 27, 2023

Do we need a state funded media?

 1. Should the government spend $72 million a year to fund two medias, i.e. Channel News Asia and SPH? Do we need two medias?

2. Some people say that the state can save this money, as these medias are not doing useful work and the people can search for news on their own through the internet.
3. I hold the view that this money should be spent, and that it is useful to have two separate medias to cover two separate perspectives. However, they should avoid covering the same subjects, e.g. CNA should cover external issues and SPH should cover domestic issues.
4. The perspectives presented by the media should be factual and objective and promote the interest of Singapore. (This is different from promoting the interest of the ruling party).
5. There are many events happening around the world that have an impact on Singapore. The state funded media should cover the event so that the people in Singapore are aware about these events.
6. The government should also use the state funded media to explain to the people in Singapore on policies that they have taken that will affect their daily lives. The state media should also be used as a channel to provide feedback to the government.
7. There will be occasions that some events that happened in Singapore cause people in other countries to be upset. The foreign affairs ministry should, through the state funded media, provide an answer to the affected people in the foreign countries. The aim is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation.
8. In carrying out its role, the state funded media should adopt the following approach:
a) By factual and objective
b) Be positive and constructive
c) Be honest
9. The journalists have to rely on external sources, such as international news agencies. They should pay special attention to discern the objective facts from the subjective opinions (which may be smears and slanders). They should get the facts from several sources to give a more objective view.
10. Some people hold a negative view that the state funded media cannot be trusted as it is funded by the government in power, and that they will promote the interest of the ruling party. The state funded media should be aware of this mistrust and act constructively and honestly to regain the trust of these people.
11. For the majority of the people that trust the government, the state funded media provide a useful source of what is factual and reliable. This will guide them from being misled by unreliable sources of information.

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