Monday, July 24, 2006

Customer prefer to insure with NTUC Income


Hi Mr Tan,

I am a policyholder of Income's Living Policy.

Recently, I found out that there is a kind of insurance policy that provides the same whole life coverage as Living Policy, but which requires policholders to pay the premium for a limited period only (e.g. 20 years).

Your staff has told me that Income has a similar policy known as Protection AD. However, Protection AD DOES NOT PAY the Sum Assured upon diagnosis of the 30 Dreaded Diseases.

I wonder if Income is planning to launch such a whole-life-but-term-payment insurance policy?


We intend to launch a similar product in three months time. It will give better value to our customers, compared to similar products in the market. I will ask my colleague to send you some detail in 1 month's time, when our premium rates and yield to maturity are available.


Dear Mr Tan,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply! I am delighted to hear this piece of good news!

I had actually bought Asia LifeSecure, but I cancelled it during the free-look period; I was hoping that Income would launch a similar product but with a more affordable premium.

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