Saturday, September 23, 2006

A sudden announcement

My earlier plan was to announce my departure from NTUC Income on 5 October (Income Day). This will allow some time for some of the details to be finalised.

The Straits Times heard about about the "rumour". They insisted on writing the story. I requested them to wait for a few days for the media release.

When I learned that the Straits Times insist on carrying the story, I had to get my chairman to agree to issue the media release earlier.

I had also to inform my colleagues about the announcement, so that they do not hear about it from the papers. This has to be done at midnight.

I am very sad at the inconsiderate behaviour of the Straits Times. They are willing to advance their own agenda, without regard to the harmful impact on other people.

In my dealing with other papers, including the foreign media, I generally find that they are more considerate.


jseng said...

Saw on the papers that you are leaving. I am sad because I hope you would be an example of CEO who blogs in Singapore.

Regardless, all the best in your next venture (or probably deserve it :-)

-James Seng

utwt said...

haha. why don't u tell Lee Hsien Loong that. our national newspaper is supposed to play a role in 'nation building' - apparently being inconsiderate is part of this.

Cowboy Caleb said...

I'm sad you are leaving. To most of us, you have been the 'face' of NTUC. Not everybody agreed with the way you did things, but for better or worst, your departure is a great change.

Please go on blogging.

Jt said...

well, you prob offended the strait times before, hence the treatment.and you leaving is a matter of public interest ..and news worthy..

yvonne said...

I can understand the frustration you felt. I wouldn't like it too if my original plans had to be altered, and last minute adjustments had to be made, with lots of inconveniences created, all because of the media. But I believe, from the point of view of the Straits Times (or any media for that matter), time is of the greatest essense in breaking a piece of news. A few day's wait may not seem important to many people, but to the media, a few days may seem too long.
It is difficult, but nevertheless important, to strike a balance (and understanding) between both parties.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. =) said...

the journalist with email address being inconsiderate or The Straits Times being inconsiderate or "The SPH" ?

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