Friday, August 08, 2008

Auction Rate Securities

Citigroup sold auction rate securities to retail investors on the representation that these securities are "cash alternatives". It implies that they are liquid and can be converted to cash at any time. During the credit crisis, there is no liquidity for these securities.

The District Attorney office of New York took up a case on behalf of the retail investors. It negotiated a settlement that require Citigroup to buy back the securities from the retail investors and compensate those who have suffered a loss. Citigroup had to buy back USD $8 billion of these securities.

I wish that our similar action is taken in Singapore on behalf of retail investors that were misled into investing in structured financial products and life insurance products that offer poor value to the investors.

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David said...

Hahaha, fat hope. Even our consumer protection laws are weak, compared to the West. Our laws are highly pro business and pro employer or even pro foreign talent. Maybe that's the key reason why Singapore can attract capital,high economic growth, but with a big income gap but amazingly with social peace and stability. This can happen because the ruling party is rock solid and opposition terribly weak or almost non existent. Why such a state of affairs is a topic for another occasion.

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