Thursday, October 09, 2008

Book on financial planning

I hope to be able to find the time to start on my book, after the financial crisis is over:


Anonymous said...

You may not have time to write the book in the meantime because after this MINIBOMB is defused we will be going after the insurance companies and the agents for miss-selling and misrepresentation. The mission is not complete if we do not get rid of this group of malpractitioners.
So insurance agents or whatever names or titles you are hiding behind, out there, brace yourself for a head on clash.

For a clean Singapore

Anonymous said...

Dear Kin Lian,
Sorry, we investors have spent your valuable time for you. Hope to see you launch your book on FINANCIAL PLANNING. I will immediately grab a copy when its available. I'm sure with your rich experience and expertise in the financial sector the book will be a good reference for our future investment. May GOD bless you abundantly.

Parka said...

I definitely buy your book just to support your cause and this blog. Anyway, I love reading business books so it's win-win.

Good luck.

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