Friday, October 10, 2008

Risky to trade on leverage

Dear Mr. Tan,

The various major newspaper are now flooded with many advertisments about "Good Money, sure profits" for various financial products such as Forex, option and futures etc.

These products are highly leveraged and they is no way that it is "Sure profit and easy money" as advertised, which would be disaster for innocent layman trying to beat the market. For one, these markets are played by the most experience trader/banker with extremely deep pocket and definitely not simple as advertised.

From my wild guess, these advertisement would try to get innocent laymen to come to their course to collect course fees. Laymen without good knowlege would only end up paying for the course fee plus the loss for sure.

I hope you could also bring these issues to the hugh readers of yr blog to be wary before getting into these trading.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, these advertisment must state warning "Leverage products are highly risky and could result in hugh financial loss" which seem that the people in ST does not require the advertiser to do so.

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