Sunday, May 30, 2010

Land banking

Hello Mr Tan

See this report from the UK on the site at Cherry Tree grove.

While it may have seemed that they were actively chasing this the reality is that the planning and appeals process is just filling in a few forms and paying small fees. So they have kept this site alive for three years with a very small investment while telling investors they are actively getting planning permission. Anyway this is the last round of appeal so now they have to tell investors it has failed. If you look on their website they are still talking about getting planning approval for this site.

Here is a report on the commotion at the office of a land banking company:



Anonymous said...

how many investors are ready to sue this director of the company who has publically called them a thug and criminal----the best example of a pot calling a kettle black---i cant stop laughing ever since I saw this!! singapore ministers wake up and protect your people. or has this company been paying off the govt too?

Anonymous said...

Governments have the DUTIES to protect their citizens.

Unfortunately, a SIN Senior Leeder had said that his citizens have invested with their eyes opened, implying that the SIN Investors got to blame only themselves.

And that is how he leads and cares for his citizenry. It's quite worrying to have leaders liked this one.


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