Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Give firm enlistment date

Ministry of Defence urged to give firm enlistment date in advance to Singaporeans who are required to serve National Service.
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Edited letter published in St Times Online Forum.

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Vincent Sear said...

I hope I don't sound cold but it's the cold hard truth. 18 years of advance notice has been given to every male citizen from the day he's born. The enlistment day is the first quarterly date after his 18th birthday. He should enlist himself. Not enlisting himself is an AWOL offence. For those who remember olden days, there're TV adverts remimding youths born between such and such dates to enlist. Those adverts are gone after computerisation, but the law remains the same. Nobody's stopping liable enlistees to enlist a.s.a.p. if they wish to complete their NSF a.s.a.p.

Most are actually quietly praying that CMPB may somehow forget them and delay enlistment a.l.a.p., then make noise when their names pop up in files. The rules of enlistment are clearly stated. Those who enlist late are just living on borrowed time. Go and report and enlist after you're 18 if finishing it fast is important.

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