Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Scams are getting more personal

I receive scams regularly, They are getting to be more personal. I believe that this fit into the profile of a scam. This is a nuisance as it is now quite difficult to distinguish between the genuine inquiry and the scams.

I am Mr. Vincent Cheng Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. I have a sensitive, confidential brief from Hong Kong and I am asking for your partnership in re- profiling funds.
What I require from you is your honest co-operation and all confirmable documents to back up this fund shall be made available to you prior to your acceptance and as soon as I receive your return mail I will let you know what is required of you.

Vincent Cheng.


captaincaveman said...

If this Vincent guy is really from Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited then why is he using an Internet email address instead of the company email address?

Why would a chairman of Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited send out such email personally?

There are just so many questions to be answered. However, I would not be surprised that there will always be people who will fall for such scam because of human greed.

zhummmeng said...

You and I are educated and are not vulnerable to this kind of solicitation but there are many out there who are. Sending out a million messages and get 1% to fall into this trap is already very successful.
Scammers are getting braver.Anyway they have nothing to lose only the greedy suckers and brain dead.

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