Saturday, March 12, 2011

Excellent customer service

My friend sent this e-mail to me, showing how a magazine treats its customer well. Our Singapore companies should emulate such good examples.

Dear chee, 
On March 2, Zinio experienced a technical outage that resulted in limited access to our online shopping and reading services. We would like to make it up to you. 

The interruption to our web services resulted in a number of magazine deliveries to be delayed to readers from March 2-10. We noticed that you are subscribed to one of those titles. To see if your issues have been delivered yet, please click here. For questions on a specific title, please

We know your subscriptions are important to you. We know that you've come to expect a high level of service from Zinio. We would like to make it up to you. We have extended your impacted magazine subscription(s) for one additional month. This has been done automatically in our records. There is no action that you need to take. 
Additionally, because you have been such a trusted and valued customer, we will be sending you a Zinio Gift Card under separate cover within the next week. 

Over the past ten years, our customers, like yourself, have come to enjoy and expect the high quality online experiences Zinio has delivered. We thank you for your patience, understanding and continued loyalty. 

Jeanniey Mullen 
Chief Marketing Officer, Zinio
 | @empg 

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