Tuesday, August 23, 2011

National Service can be made a privilege

There is a misunderstanding among readers of the Chinese newspapers that I am advocating mandatory National Service for girls. This is a wrong interpretation of my suggestion that the males should not have to carry an unfair burden in doing National Service, compared to girls and foreigners.

My suggestion is for the males doing National Service to be adequately paid and for the additional payment to go into their CPF account. Alternatively, the HDB housing grant should be differentiated between applicants who have done National Service and those who have not. The difference should reflect the value of the time that they spent in National Service.

If girls wish to perform national service, as they find it to be quite well paid, they should be given an option to serve in the nursing, community service or other suitable positions. This will have have to depend on the demand for these services.

I wish to see National Service be made into a privilege for citizens - and this can be done by paying them adequately for the time that they have to spend, and for this privilege to be made available to girls as well (but it is optional).


yujuan said...

Mindef, or rather the Govt, won't pay
our NS boys a higher allowance, the Defence budget already eats up a big part of GDP. They rather spend it on more expensive, up to date weaponry and gadgets to keep up an image.
My sons said they are treated as cheap labour to do work for Mindef.
TKL is barking up the wrong tree.
But like his idea to make NS optional for girls. Many of our girls are sporty, they may like to do NS, but if only the allowance is attractive, otherwise "mian tan". Who wants to do cheap labour work for 2 years. Like it or not, we are brought up by the System to be money-faced first, defending Nation second.

singaporean son said...

the objective of ns is to keep sg save so that investors will have the confident to set up their business here in a save country, and that is how income is generated..
but if Govt don buy "up to date weapons and gadgets" how are we going to do that?

but i agree with yujuan on cheap labour during ns. that is only bcos not everyone/everytime have something meaningful to do.

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