Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TV Forum - Introduce the Presidential Candidates

Please give your impression of the four candidates - their strong and weak points, and the memorable statements (or sound bites).


jasmine ang said...

GO TAN KIN LIAN! I WILL SUPPORT YOU! hope you will win! all the best!

Anonymous said...

Hello there Mr Tan!
You spoke really well :) I'll be supporting you.
However, even if the presidential result just not turn out as what you hope (it's really competitive), please don't be too upset or disappointed! I see your hard work and effort. We see them all.

God bless you.

yujuan said...

Just a word, even if Tony comes out the ultimate winner, it's no big deal to us. As long as TKL, TJS and TCB together bring down Tony Tan's score well below 60% (benchmarked against the 60% of GE2011 PAP votes), it's a victory for the other 3 Tans. It's just a staged, expensive wayang show for a PAP proxy, nothing great. All the best for TKL.
We are more concerned with another more expensive show - Temasek Holdings' cutting losses from its Shin Corp investment in Thailand.
This show is more painful for us to watch, it would stretch for years before it would end, killing spectators softly and slowly, so the losses would not appear too big to bear at one shot.

daish said...

I have admire you since starting reading your blog some years ago. Will attend your rally tonight. If the result did not turn out as you wish, please do not dismay because that is because you have a stronger opponent. You appear to me as a people person with his own ideas and have plans on how to get things done. But with the current environment, the people may want someone more agressive. I have still not decide. Its you or him. Keep it up, be yourself and do your best!

Anonymous said...

I am overseas. Where can I watch the TV forum? Pls provide the internet link. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I may not have the voting right yet, but after reading your blog and watching your campaigns, I feel that you are a really sincere person who is willing to devote yourself to serving Singaporeans. With that, you have my support and I will also ask my relatives to vote for you! Hope that you will win the presidential election :)

Anonymous said...

I watched the forum organised by the onlinecitizen.com. My rating:

1. TJS
2. TKL
3. TCB
4. Tony

Anonymous said...

OK, I found the link here and watched it.


TJS: A family man, not indulge in material, economic know-how, was a commander during NS, good philosophy knowledge

TKL: Investment experiences, free financial consultation, courage.

TCB: A super-MP

Tony: A super-minister

Anonymous said...


TJS: some of his concept might not be understood by ordinary audience unless you are interested in PPE.

TKL: Presentation skill

TCB: Follow the book

Tony: Talk like a professor

Anonymous said...


Two TV forums are very good public education of the constituion law and its limit.

It does not matter who is the elected President.

This is a showcase of the unique of SG to the world.

Anonymous said...



TJS: ".....moral authority...
........check & balance.."

TKL: "..check & balance..(if)abuse of power & corruption..."

TCB: "...football..."

Tony: "..my father...."

Anonymous said...

Tony against the Casino, so do the rest of 3-Tan.

I thought this is the strongest message to present government.

4-Tan are teaching a moral education lesson TOGETHER.

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