Saturday, September 29, 2012

Divisive politics

The Government is treading into dangerous waters ...


yujuan said...

Treading into dangerous water is subconsciously pushed to back of the mind. It's survival mode in operation by sticking to old norms -
divide and rule's strategy, done by pitching one group against another, and the Govt watching the fire from an opposite river bank, Imperial Chinese style.

sgcynic said...

The PAP has always practised divisive politics and policies. Vote for the ruling parting means support for HDB upgrading. I would even argue that the differentiated fares for the NE MRT line due to the cost of construction might have signalled the start of the Singaporean nimby syndrome as it emphasised a clear cut everyone for himself mindset in line with the NE message that nobody owes us a living (and each his own). We pay for what we use, no more, no less. That's the way to run Singapore Inc, sadly not the way to build a nation.

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