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Give pay revision to non-graduate teachers

25 September 2012 

Editor, Voices
Today Paper

I support the views expressed by Ms Anna Lee "Why no pay rise
for non-grad teachers" (Today paper, 25 Sep). 

Non-graduate teachers are also important to our education system and deserve 
to be treated fairly. They already get a lower salary compared to graduate teachers 
and should not be further discriminated in this pay revision.

I wish to raise another concern. The wide gap between the remuneration 
of graduates and non-graduates are pushing too many of our young
people to pursue a paper qualification, at high cost to their parents and 
to themselves, in many situations where the additional qualification does 
not make an impact on their occupations.

I have seen many polytechnic students, who are not academically inclined,
spend an additional three years or longer to get a university degree. These
diploma holders would be more productive, if they had gained
the relevant experience and knowledge in the workplace. 

I believe that a non-graduate could probably be a good teacher in a 
primary schools, if they had spent the additional years in working in the 
school rather than attending university. They may be more likely to 
stay in the teaching profession, rather than a graduate.

I urge the Minister of Education to review this decision to deny the pay revision to 
non-graduate teachers and to give adequate emphasis to actual performance
and experience, and not over-emphasize paper qualifications.

Tan Kin Lian

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Tan Kin Lian said...

The Ministry of Education has replied that the pay revision also applies to non-graduate teachers, except those who have been recently recruited.

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