Saturday, September 29, 2012

S'pore GP: Full disclosure, please

I AM dismayed that Singapore has committed itself
to a further five years of Formula One
("Five more years for S'pore race", Sunday; and
 "F1 'to bring bigger benefits' in next lap", Tuesday).
Hosting F1 in Singapore will appear much less triumphal
once its true economic and social costs are weighed
against a realistic assessment of "incremental receipts".


yujuan said...

Singapore is engaging in a continuous PR exercise to propel our country to the world's stage for attention, retaining the world's interest in our tiny red dot is a continuous work in progress, can't stop.
Such PR engagement needs plenty of dough, which Govt just need to open the country's wallet, as wide as they like.
From organising YOG and FI to the man-built Bay Gardens, it's part of an expensive National Agenda.
If some Businesses have to be sacrificial lambs for some days, so be it, needless to say, no compensation from stingy Govt for their losses.

Lye Khuen Way said...

Ms Anna Quek sure wrote an honest piece.
I can understand the prudence at this point in time to sponsor another 5 years, as the economy is sure to take a beating.

Of course, it might be cheaper if Calibrated /targeted assistance to those affected by the up coming downturn is adopted instead. See, am using those two power words you hear so often from the Govt!

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