Monday, January 30, 2017

Problem solving approach

I met my uncle, who is now over 90 years old, and showed him my tutorial on problem solving. He agreed with the approach. He told me this story which occured a long time ago.

He was asked by a business owner in Johor to help him to handle a crisis. The businessman operated an open air cinema. A boy went up the roof of the projector room. He fell and died. The hospital certified death as being caused by electrocity.

An inspector from the authority came to inspect the premises and wanted to charge the businessman for operating a cinema without a licence and for operating an electrical installation without a qualified electrician. It was a serious offence. If convicted, he could be bankrupted.

My uncle inspected the roof and found that the wiring installation was new and in good order. He showed the inspector that the boy could not have been electrocuted. He touched the installation and showed that it was safe.

The inspector accompanied by uncle to interview the hospital doctor who certified death caused by electricity. The doctor was on the defensive and said that he did not state that the electricty came from the cinema installation. The businessman was not charged for causing the death through an unlicensed installation.

My uncle said that the bruises on the body was caused by the fall and not by electrocution.

Although my uncle was not a qualified engineer, he gained knowledge through practical experience, common sense and a problem solving approach.

A few months later, my uncle realized that he forgot to send a bill for his service. He decided not to pursue this matter.

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