Friday, December 08, 2023

Apartmenti n Johor Bahru

 Here is a comparison of two new apartments available in Johor Bahru.

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Anonymous said...

Having the best of both worlds- My neighbour was originally from Sarawak but his extended

family and relatives holding Australian citizenship and live across Melbourne. I asked the

elderly lady who just turned 88, why she came here and live with her youngest son and his family

three years ago and how she managed in Melbourne without speaking English. Replied-When her

husband passed away, she sold her mansion and bought a two-bedroom condo next to her younger

sister. When she started walking with difficulty, her son brought her here on a three-year

renewal dependant pass as it was cheap to hire full-time live-in help here. Asked why her

surgeon son is still a PR while living here for twenty years comes a sensible reply.

We are surrounded by Muslim countries. In case of an attack the Australian embassy would

airlift them to safety. Her answer was that she survived in Melbourne speaking only Chinese

was the Asian community where they lived was large and there was Asian food and Asian

speaking in almost every corner.

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