Sunday, February 11, 2007

Philp Yeo - Lee Wei Ling Debate

My friend asked for my view on the debate between Philip Yeo and Lee Wei Ling. Whose side am I on?

I said, Philip Yeo is right. Lee Wei Ling is also right.

He was surprised. How can I said that both people are right? I told him, "you are also right!".

Philip Yeo advocated a broad based approach - to focus on many areas and find out which present the opportunity. Lee Wei Ling preferred a targeted approach, to focus on niches where we have a competitive advantage.

In tacking my own business issues, I adopt both approaches. I call it, "working at two levels". At the first level, I adopt a broad approach to have a better understanding of the issues, and the areas to work on. At the second level, I focused on the targeted areas.

I am usually able to find the right approach - one that produces the best result.


Anonymous said...

There was some write-up in the local press regarding this.

Still, I like the summary contained in paragraph 4 of your posting.

You identified the issue clearly in only 2 lines and brought it home for the readers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kin Lian,
What approach would you have given if you were given his position back then?


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